About Us

About Us

Decent Hardware was born out of necessity in 2006, you know how it is, several essential skateboards with lots of places to go and no way to effectively carry them.
Sometimes you just can’t but what you need so what can you do? Make it…
The Body bag was drawn up in small apartment in Thailand and the prototype was made at Rik’s Sail Shop in Phuket.

Several surfing friends told me about the best surfboard bags they had found in Bali, so I headed south on buses, trains and a plane through Malaysia & Singapore to Kuta, Bali.
Kuta, Rock City! Changed my life beyond measure. I found the factory who proved to be all I had heard and more, they took the prototype and my poorly drawn modifications ( I had carried, towed, sweated and wrestled a 30kg full Body bag for 3,694km / 2,291 miles catching Dengue Fever on the way – So knew what tweaks it needed!) and made the first real Body bag.
Around this time I found Old Man Army from Arizona, we got together and launched the OMA bag and the rest is history.

The Parkbag followed with input from Mike & Brian at OMA and along with the Bodybag, the design has been improved with customer feedback and my extensive use of all the bags while I lived out of 2 bags for a few years sofa surfing the USA, Australia, Bali and Europe. These things are tested and tested hard!
The Skatebag & Decent Holdall have recently been designed and tested to compliment the range.
Decent Hardware is now a family, after meeting the factory brothers, I met Wira who became a great friend and the Chief Operating Officer of DH. We are all in this together and with the huge support of friends across the skate world we are still going in the face of mass produced competition that strangely wasn’t really around when we started.

We are hand made, skater designed, equal partners and proud. We are not cheap, quality never is, and we refuse to move production to a place where we do not know the workers, do not know what they earn and can not invite customers to visit the production facility and see for themselves how we roll.
Welcome to the global Decency!

Hati-hati! (Indonesian for Take care)

Custom design, logo and size are welcome. Please contact us here: [email protected]

Love Mail please send to:  I Wayan Wiraprastha PO BOX 3502 Denpasar – 80000. Bali. Indonesia

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