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Skate Bag to Carry Evolve GTR Bamboo Series

Skate Bag to Carry Evolve GTR Bamboo Series Bag to carry Evolve GTR Bamboo Electric Skate Board

Choosing the best bag to carry your electric skateboard could be a pain, but we can give  you a solution for your problem with our custom bag design and color to fits your electric skateboard. This is our custom bag design for Evolve GTR Bamboo Series electric skateboard. The bag is also coming in custom […]

Electric Board Story

Electric Skateboard Story Electric skateboard is a personal transporter, The speed is controlled by hand-held throttle. The first electric skateboard introduced was the MotoBoard. But had to be banned in 1997, due to their noise pollution. The modern electric device was then introduced, Louie Finkle of Seal Beach, California is often cited as an originator of […]

Donate For Skate

One fine morning, I’ve received an order online. The order note said he needed the bag fast as he is going to Iraq soon. He then emailed me he is going to Sulaymaniyah in Kurdistan region of Iraq to donate skateboards, amazed by what he’s doing, I put another extra bag for his adventure. And this […]

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