Electric Board Story

Electric Skateboard Story

Electric skateboard is a personal transporter, The speed is controlled by hand-held throttle.

The first electric skateboard introduced was the MotoBoard. But had to be banned in 1997, due to their noise pollution.

The modern electric device was then introduced, Louie Finkle of Seal Beach, California is often cited as an originator of the modern electric skateboard, offering his first wireless electric skateboard in 1997 and a patent filed in April 1999, however it was not until the 2004–2006 that electric motors and batteries were available with sufficient torque and efficiency to power boards effectively. In 2012, ZBoard, raised nearly 30 times their target for a balance controlled electric skateboard on Kickstarter, which was well received at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2013. Their 2015 campaign on Indiegogo was 86 time over-subscribed, raising $1 million.

Electric skateboards is not to be considered to be a vehicle, and that is why you will need a durable bag when the board is not in use or when you are on the street.

And we at Decent Hardware started to have an order in 2010, when one of our customer was riding Boosted Board and need a bag that fit in with his electric board. Our Park Bag will fit Boosted Boards and Inboard M1 meanwhile our Body Bag in 38 inch will fit Boosted Boards and our Body Bag in 42 inch will fit all Evolve street models, and the 44 inch will fit Evolve AT models. If your type of board is not mentioned above, we are happy to make a custom made bag for your electric boards.


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